Ventana Rosa Hotels

Ventana Rosa Hotel Group in Mexico asked Fabrizio Scippa Grafica to lead the rebranding of the parent company as well as two properties in Baja Califorinia. Brisas Del Mar was a fun property aimed at attracting younger foreign clientele who enjoy weekend beach and surf escapes to Baja. Hacienda Del Mar was a centrally located hotel with local and business clientele.

Fabrizio Scippa Grafica developed a complete identity for each hotel and worked closely with architects and interior designers to ensure the brand and color scheme were represented throughout the property. With the rebrand, Fabrizio Scippa Grafica created marketing materials, hotel and in-room signage, and a website for each property.


  • Corporate Logo
  • Hotel Logos
  • Corporate Identity Suite
  • Marketing and Promotional Collateral
  • Signage and Way Finding System
  • Hotel Websites